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Some posts will be of photo sessions, some will be me babbling about fast food or cats. I know blogging is all the rave, but I will be honest with you here: I’m terrible at blogging or saying things correctly. I stumble a lot, over myself and my words. So this perspective of me behind the keyboard instead of a camera might be different, and that’s okay. I hope. Well, who knows. Just jump in + subscribe!

The First.

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I think the only reason you’re seeing this blog post is because the first one is the easy one. This is the intro, the first glimpse into my style, and the tone setter for all blog posts to come.

Well guess what? This post will tell you nothing. My theory in naming this section “Attempted Blog” is that I won’t have to set a style or commit to blogging each month or uphold to a tone/emotion throughout. I can simply have this live here for your reading pleasure, and add to it as I find time (yeah right).

I suppose the easy part is talking about me and introducing myself and my business. Yet, it’s the part I dread the most. And now I realize that’s a huge contradiction to paragraph one where I said this first post was “easy.” I am a hot mess when it comes to articulating a sentence about myself that isn’t related to cats or coffee or campfire sauce. But maybe, we can start there.

I have three very floofy and hilarious cats. Albus, Hroki, and Tor. I got my first cat by accident when I was 20. He was a housewarming gift I got from a “free cat” sign by my old high school for an ex-boyfriend’s dad. A few months later, they realized they could no longer keep the cat. As a broke college student in a tiny apartment, I of course said “Sure, I’ll take him!” And that was it. I’m obsessed with this cat. He’s even been featured on Ellen DeGeneres’ social media accounts (YES GO LOOK MEOW).  

Then, the sisters: Hroki and Tor. I was standing in line at American Eagle outfitters on my 21st birthday with my now-fiancé. He was buying me some jeans as a gift when my roommate at the time texted me. She explained that she wanted to gift me a cat for my birthday. Holla! So what does that woman do? She sends me a photo of two tiny 6 week old floofs. As I’m panicking over the decision at hand, Cody looks over my shoulder and says, “well, are we going to get both?”

And that was a big day. The day I got two of the weirdest sister cats and the day I knew I should marry this man. Side note: it’s four and a half years later and I’m gonna marry that same man this summer. Back to cats: they light up my world. I may be a crazy cat lady, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Just know that when I’m editing your photos, I will be curled up with at least one cat and one glass of wine.

Before the animal section is wrapped up, I have to tell you about my tiny little angry sausage of a dog, Gustavo. He’s our rescue baby, and definitely a handful. I’ve been so used to slow and lethargic cats that having a very vocal and fast-moving doggo has been quite the change. But once he gets used to you, he pulls on your heart with his adorable eyeballs, and any food you have on your person.

Next topic on my start list is coffee. There isn’t much to say, except that my day does not start until I have at least one hot cup of coffee with too much creamer or a spicy chai latte. I have realized I’ll never be a morning person, but that cup of coffee helps me play nice with others before 10:00 A.M.

Finally, campfire sauce. Oh boy. If you’ve followed me on social media for any amount of time, you know I looooove food. But more importantly, I’m obsessed with Red Robin Gourmet Burgers. Those bottomless fries smothered in campfire sauce, those onion ring towers smothered in campfire sauce, and those burgers smothered in campfire sauce. One of my friends even gifted me campfire sauce so I can smother all the things in my kitchen with the best flavor in the world. Long story short, I’m always up to meet clients at Red Robin.

Perhaps that is a good dip into the obsessions of Kyra for now. And if you read this far, goodness I applaud you. Now please head over to my contact page and let’s capture some magic with my camera.

xoxo gossip girl

Meh, I need to work on that. Stay tuned.

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